Harian Metro : Tiada keputusan kadar baru levi
Pihak industri akan mengemukakan maklum balas dalam...

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The STAR: Govt not backing down on levies
The announcement to increase the levy was too sudden....

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FMT : Meeting on foreign worker levy ends with no decision
Kumararajah said the Home Ministry had been sympathetic...

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BHOnline: Wakil industri, KDN bincang kadar levi
Kenaikan ini tidak sepatutnya dilaksanakan secara tergesa-gesa....

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Malaysian Insider : Industry players, Home Ministry discuss foreign worker levy
The number of illegal workers who are presently in...

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BHOnline: Sasar nilai eksport halal meningkat tahun ini
"Walaupun dalam situasi ekonomi ketika ini, kita yakin...

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Malaysia Associated Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry commonly, referred as MAICCI, was established in 1950 as the apex body for all State Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry. It represents the Indian business community in the private sector and further explores various opportunities in the areas of economy enhancement and development for the Indian community.


MAICCI comprise State members from Kuala Lumpur & Selangor, Penang, Perak, Negeri Sembilan, Malacca, Johor, Kelantan, Kedah, Terengganu, Pahang, Labuan, Selangor, Kuala Lumpur & Putrajaya and Sarawak Chamber of Commerce and Industry.



At state level, the respective State Government and Local Municipal Council committees, these enables them to provide feedback on the rules and regulation drawn by the Local councilors.


At national level, MAICCI as the national body, serves as the “The Government’s Official Dialogue Partner” at the Central Government and Ministerial level.  This allows us to participate in the many National policymaking committees and provide the necessary feedback to its members. By being a member of National Chambers of Commerce & Industry (NCCIM), MAICCI able to participate in many regional, Asian and international business policies jointly with other Chambers of commerce in Malaysia.


At all levels, local, regional and national. MAICCI through its State Chambers provide a powerful voice for business.


The activities of MAICCI are very broad based covering various aspects of the private sector and government raging from trading to policy matters, assisting entrepreneurs, to business counseling, networking within Malaysia and oversea, investment to human resource development.


MAICCI maintains closed co-operation with relevant central government bodies and agencies, and with other national, regional and international organisations whereby the State Chambers uphold the collaboration with the respective State Government and statutory Bodies.


MAICCI run by local business, with the respective State Chamber’s Board and Committee structure drawn from the membership. No other business organisations can claim the quality, credibility and reach of our relationship with business.


MAICCI also indirectly represents many Indian Trade Associations, among other :


  • Malaysian Indian Textiles & General Stores Association
  • Malaysian Indian Restaurant Owners Association (PRIMAS)
  • Malaysian Muslim Restaurant Owner Association (PRESMA)
  • Malaysian Indian Provision Shop Owners Association
  • Indian Builders Association Malaysia
  • FT Indian Newspapers Vendors Association
  • Selangor Indian Newspapers Vendors Association
  • Persatuan Pemborong dan Peruncit Muslim Malaysia (MAWAR )
  • Malaysian Indian Hair Dressing Saloon Association
  • Malaysian Indian Curry Powder Manufacturers Association (MICMA)
  • Malaysia Muslim Mini Market And Provision Shop Owners Association
  • Malaysian Indian Metal Traders and Recyclers Association (MIMTA)
  • Malaysian Indian Goldsmith Jewelers Association (MIGJA)
  • Persatuan Peniaga-Peniaga Lebuh Ampang

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