Monday, November 19, 2018
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Welcome to the Official Page of The Malaysian Associated Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (MAICCI), The Government’s Official Dialogue Partner.

A big thank you to all the leaders and management council members of MAICCI for the remarkable progress it has achieved over the years. The history of MAICCI speaks volume on the achievement of the Indian business community particularly MAICCI.

From the establishment of MAICCI with five (5) states, we have now grown rapidly covering all fourteen (14) States with membership in the whole Peninsular Malaysia and thereafter Labuan, Sabah and Sarawak. Apart from the State Chambers, MAICCI also serves as an umbrella body for various other Indian and Indian Muslim trade organisations.

MAICCI is now a force for the Indian entrepreneurs in any part of Malaysia and be rest assured that we will not rest on our laurels. We are here to aggressively continue our role in a better, smarter and effective ways.

The new MAICCI House has been refurbished to accommodate a bigger workforce that will allow us to serve more of our members. A bi-weekly public entrepreneurship clinic and meet the public session are underway for us to serve our members personally and address their needs. The necessary Government agencies will also be made available at the MAICCI during such public entrepreneurship clinics.

To increase the direct participation of entrepreneurs in the administration of MAICCI, we have revamped the MAICCI Constitution to allow more delegates to represent the State Chambers and established the Young Entrepreneurs (YES) and Women Entrepreneurs (WE) as official wings under the MAICCI Constitution. These Committees will play a greater role in the development of the young entrepreneurship for the Indian youths. YES and WE will serve as the platform to nurture new and fresh leadership for the future of MAICCI.

We have made the online membership application available via MAICCI website to ensure every entrepreneur can be part of MAICCI. Further, our website will instil the hands-on availability of information in the MAICCI website and helps to reach out to a larger segment of the Malaysian Indian Business community. Work is also ongoing to develop an online payment system for fast, easy and convenient approval and recruitment of members.

MAICCI pledges to remodel our focus and administrative ways to be competent with the current global business demands to serve our members better at a cost-effective ways. The streamlining of the business processes is under way and we pledge that MAICCI will be proactive for the betterment of the Indian business community.

MAICCI hereby will remain relevant to the struggles of the Indian business community for the promotion, protection, and advancement of all economic interests of Malaysian Indians. MAICCI strives to continuously represent and assist Indian merchants, traders, and manufacturers in the country in all aspects that concern their businesses.

Thank you.


Tan Sri (Dr.) Kenneth Eswaran
Dato’ Pardip Kumar Kukreja
Datuk K. Kenneth Eswaran
Dato’ V.K.K Teagarajan
Tan Sri Kishu Tirathrai
Tan Sri Dato’ S.O.K Ubaidulla
K.P Dawood Sultan
Gurbakan Singh Sambhu
C.M. Seth
Tan Sri Dato’ S.O.K Ubaidulla
MAICCI Established